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Roland Komitow Quartet

Roland Komitow: reeds
(Collaboration: Helmut Forsthoff, Peter Brötzmann, Abdourahmane Diop, Manfred Hering, Süd-Ost-Express, Manfred Schulze Bläserquintett et al.)

Andreas Willers: guitar
(Collaboration: David Murray, Louis Sclavis, Marvin Smitty Smith, Trilok Gurtu, Deepwater Blackout, Uwe Kropinski, Conny Bauer, Bob Stewart et al.)

Horst Nonnenmacher: doublebass
(Collaboration: Sam Rivers, Paul Bley, Phil Minton, Misha Mengelberg, Elliot Sharp, Oloye, Sun Ra Arkestra et al.)

Michael Griener: drums, percussion
(Collaboration: Uli Gumpert, Herb Ellis, Mal Waldron, Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, John Zorn, Butch Morris et al.)

Hysteric cool, conservative-anarchistic, aggressive and peaceful. It blusters in a whisper, impresses with its heaviness and ease.
The music of the Roland Komitow Quartet is a multifaceted unity of ecstasy and contemplation. The four musicians have known each others and played together in various ensembles and projects for many years.
KomitowÂs compositions are the launch pad for creative interaction and improvisation. Structures and concepts modulate in space and time, venturing through highs and lows and in between on the wings of free modern jazz.
The virtousity and expressive power of each member, and the flexible and distinctive handling of the material characterize the living, breathing, three-dimensional sound of the quartet.